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New Launch Periodical Planning For Publishers
Internet Publisher is a specialist in new launch titles, whether delivered in print, electronically or both. We work with professional publishers and other companies around the world to help them steer a new publication from conception through research, planning, launch and eventually profit. Whether the new project is ambitious or modest we apply the same principles to guide a publisher to success.

Launching a new periodical requires a carefully structured approach. Once launched, the title will have fixed ongoing operating costs that are difficult to cut back on without affecting the quality of the product. Consequently a publisher considering a launch must be certain that everything has been done to assess the market potential and has worked out in great detail the concept, need, potential, logistics and cost implications and then sustaining and growing it as a profit centre long into the future.

We offer a publisher a 3 stage approach to launching a new title; The Publishing Model, The Publishing Plan and The Launch.
The beauty of our method is that a publisher only has to commit to one phase at a time and does not have to decide on the launch itself until the final phase. This helps a publisher minimise the risks and be fully informed before venturing titles and spin-offs into new or existing markets.

We work with publishers from the conceptual stage, listen carefully to their ideas, study their revenue potential, the readers, the advertisers and write a Publishing Model in a detailed report that will give them everything they need to know before deciding go to the planning stage.
Once a publisher has decided to plan a new title, we will write the Publishing Plan which will include budgets, revenue forecasts, schedules, logistics, infrastructure, staffing, content, production, distribution, publishing technologies and all the critical elements that need to be thought out thoroughly before the launch.

Finally, when the publisher decides to proceed with The Launch we will work closely with them, both through the pre-launch period in setting up the logistics, training the people, building the revenues and getting the title off the ground, and in the post-launch period by helping them firmly establish the title in its market, consolidate its revenue and operating costs, and guiding it through to profit.

Internet Publisher helps a publisher put out the title they want. Every stage comes with careful consultation with their publishing team to ensure we help the publisher realise their vision for a new periodical profit centre with a strong readership and advertising support within their existing or new publishing operations. NEXT...
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