Internet Publisher  
The Publishing Model
The first step in launching a new periodical is to build a model that incorporates all the ideas a publisher has for their title, and answers basic questions such as who the target readers are, what they want to read about, and where the revenues will come from to finance ongoing operating costs and ultimately return a profit.

Internet Publisher starts by researching the existing media that currently serve, either directly or indirectly, the publisher’s target market. We will study print media, smart phone/tablet apps, websites, events and other competitive media that generate revenues from the same market. This helps us position the new title and find its unique niche.

At the same time we will listen carefully to the publisher’s vision and identify launch objectives. From this we can develop a publishing model and write it up for the publisher together with all the supporting research and market/reader analysis. Depending upon the target industry and the scale of the launch, the publishing model requires 6 to 10 weeks for completion. NEXT...

Raison D’etre and Launch Objectives
The Vision
Title Name (matching Internet domain name)
Who the periodical is for and why they need it?
Where will the revenue come from?
Launch Objectives, Risks and Expectations

Editorial Profile and Content
Editorial Policy
Editorial Content Breakdown and Description
Publication/Content Frequencies
Content Volumes and Sourcing
Advertising/Editorial Ratio and Issue Sizes

Reader Profile and Circulation
Circulation Policy
Targetted Industries
Controlled Circulation
Reader Job Functions
Paid readers/Subscription Sales Strategy
Free Readers/Reader Qualification

Potential Advertiser and Sponsorship Base
Competitive Magazine/App/Website Analysis
Potential Advertiser List
Advertiser Expenditure Estimates
Why advertisers want to reach this audience
Additional Revenue Potential

Delivery Methods and Production
Page Layout
Mobile/Tablet Devices

Human Resources
Full time job functions/descriptions
Freelance/part time job functions/descriptions
Training Needs
Office Infrastructure Needs

Spin-off Products