Internet Publisher  
The Launch
Only when a publisher has gone through the publication modelling, planning, budgetting and scheduling phases are they ready to make the final decision of the launch itself. The new title is an investment in a future profit center and it is essential that a publisher makes a fully informed decision based on a wide range of in-depth research and data.

Internet Publisher works closely with the publishing team in the pre-launch period of setting up the title, implementing technologies, recruiting and training staff, and getting sales, marketing and promotions underway, and in the post-launch period of consolidating the new title as a profit center and establishing it as an authoritative source of information for its readers.

Our job is to ensure everything possible has been done to make the new periodical a success with the potential for a long and profitable future Depending upon the target industry and the scale of the launch, the pre-launch period requires 4 to 6 months with 6 to 12 months post launch consolidation and review. NEXT...

Recruitment and Training
Editorial and Production
Sales and Marketing

Editorial and Production Setup
Content Sourcing/Newsletters/Alerts
Commission Contributors/Guest Writers
Editorial Promotion
Editing, Page Layout and Production

Pre-Launch Sales Campaign
Sales Media Kit and Promotional Materials
Advertising Sales
Subscription/Copy Sales
SEO/Social Marketing/Email/Promotions

Commission Suppliers and Agents
Printers/Distribution Houses
Sales Agents/Media Representatives
Website/App Developers

Implement Technologies
Layout and Production
Tablet and Smartphone Publishing Apps
Supporting Website

1st Issue Launch Promotions
PR and Promotions
Launch Events

Post-Launch and Consolidation
Launch Review and Recommendations
Budget and P & L Review and Projections
Editorial Post Mortems
Sales Strategy and Performance Reviews
Ongoing Training and Assessment
Monthly Reporting P&L/Budget/Activities
Advertiser/Sponsor Surveys and Feedback
Reader Surveys and Feedback
Mid-Course Planning Corrections
Spin-off Opportunities
Second Year Planning