Internet Publisher  
The Publishing Plan
Once a publisher is comfortable with their publishing model and has sufficent confidence in a potential new profit center the next step is to crunch the numbers, work out the details and produce a publishing plan, launch schedule, dummy issue and budget.

Internet Publisher helps a publisher understand how much a launch will cost, how long it will take, how much work is involved, who the publishing team should be, whats are the risks, and what the ultimate profit and growth potential is. In developing the publishing plan we will work closely with the publisher and their team of publishing and financial executives to ensure the overall plan and budget meets with their general expectations and launch objectives.

For a publisher, producing a well thought out and detailed publishing plan is the critical stage before making the final decision to commit to an actual launch of a new title. Depending upon the target industry and the scale of the launch, the publishing plan requires 8 to 12 weeks for completion. NEXT...

Launch Budget/Ongoing Operating Costs
Revenue Projections and Cash Flow
Cash-flow and Break-even/Profit Projections

Launch Schedule
Launch Date
Pre and Post-Launch Planning
Launch Promotions
Recruitment & Training
Editorial/Advertising/Production Deadlines

Editorial Content Plan
Editorial Analytics
Features/Special Issue Program
Contributors/Guest Writers
Content Sources

Publishing Technologies
Page Layout and Design
Tablet/SmartPhone Publishing Apps

Dummy Issue
Masthead and Logos
Design and Layout
Formats (Paper/Tablets/Mobiles/Websites)
Paper Quality and Standards

Projected Publishing Variables
Print Run/Issue Size/Frequency
Number of Stories/Length of Articles/Photos

Sales and Marketing Plan
Pre-launch Advertising Sales Promotions
Post Launch Standard Advertisement Rates
Sales Materials/Media Kit
SEO/Social Marketing Plan
Subscriber/Copy Sales/App Sales Plan

Sourcing Suppliers/Estimates
Printers and Distribution Houses
Media Representatives/Sales Agents
Website and App Development